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This minimizes maintenance and makes it easier to set up new pipelines for new projects. For example, you can use the above link printed by git push to create a merge request.

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Now the issue is only automatically moved to In Progress when a pull request is created. On top of this there is a vast amount of excess YAML code which is a headache to maintain. The pipeline fetches the latest code from the source branch and run tests against it. Apk will now by default only use the untagged repositories, but adding a tag to specific. How you intend to keep completed checklist records may affect where you store the masters. Before a branch can be merged back into develop, the Gitlab CI tests that must be passed. Day Usersnap trial today.

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But there is a shortcut to send a bug from your browser directly to Slack, which is Usersnap. Optionally, select whether to send an email notification to the developers of the project. This is the easiest and most welcome way to get your name added to the contributor list. From the dropdown, select your template project as the template repository at group level. From the dropdown, select your template project as the template repository at instance level.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Gitlab Issue Template Examples

It enables others to take over and provides invaluable context may you get to work on it days or weeks after creating it.

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Gitlab , Ultimate Cheat on Gitlab Issue Template Examples

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Sometimes, the card contains only a note reminding me to do something like watch the recording of a meeting I missed.

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