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The angle of view reveals its size and magnificence. As shown in the above example, emphasis is given on the flower to make it stand apart from the background.

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The Starry Night, for instance, uses a notable visual, the sun, in the top right, and balances it out with a dark cypress tree in the bottom left.

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  • Radial balance is any type of balance that is based on a circle and its elements project outward from the center at regular intervals.
  • In general, the following guidelines apply, although each composition is different and the elements within a composition always behave in relation to the other elements.
  • Asymmetry tends to be more interesting and dynamic, despite not being regarded as intrinsically beautiful.
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  • Artists appreciate asymmetric artwork becomes more. You can set up the table the same way Leonardo made his. It relies on a composition balance of dissimilar elements as opposed to a simple mirroring effect.

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The tension of an imbalanced image is very appropriate for this specific photo.

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