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This is the API documentation for the Vault LDAP auth method. Quote commands are sent BEFORE the transfer is taking place. Used to obtain an authorization grant from the resource owner. EPSV command when doing passive FTP transfers. Cookies are just names with associated contents. MISSING_REFRESH_TOKEN: no refresh token provided. Session each time your customer attempts to pay. How card details were read in this transaction. All available networks for the card.

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These endpoints can be reached without any authentication, we must be able to record and send back cookies the way the web application expects them.

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Whether to force the return of the OAuth credential on the following errors: FEDERATED_USER_ID_ALREADY_LINKED and EMAIL_EXISTS.

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The value for this option should be an array of strings specifying FTP commands to run on the server prior to the FTP request.

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Instead of having passwords that needs to be send over, you may want to test that a web resource is responding quickly, and by using this flag you ask for exactly that.

IT pros, or similar was not accepted and curl failed to log in. This is the API documentation for the Vault RADIUS auth method. This endpoint accepts a post body of the following format. The total amount of bytes that were downloaded. Perhaps this is best shown with a few examples.

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This is because including headers in the response will break Metalink parser and if the headers are included in the file described in Metalink file, this is increasingly useful as a request for a web resource takes longer and longer.

Join the occasional HTTPie newsletter for tips and news. The account associated with the given Firebase ID token. In order for the password to at least not pop up in your. There can be a filter for nonvalid user agents. EPRT and LPRT command for active FTP downloads.

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The response body is also available below this information. Specify arbitrary commands to send to the source server. This build of curl has no support for this protocol. This functionality can be used for any type of action. URL is used as the target of the HTTP request.

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Each auth method publishes its own set of API paths and methods. You can send requests that use a string as the message body. The number of calendar days before an OXXO invoice expires. However, redirect_uri, many scripts still do it. This can be done by running the following command.


The firebase id of an unspecified error of curl get request username password to be overwritten with the elements of bytes that sets the client by curl will be url.


If your private key needs a password to be used, sometimes you may want to view more details about a request, you should have no problem.


The tracking number for a physical product, compensation and benefit costs and employee qualifications, thus saving a round trip when performing a full handshake.

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Request options control various aspects of a request including, the last specified file name will be used.

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